The Description and Use of That Most Excellent Invention, Call'd the Globular Chart: With a Specimen of a Sea-Chart in That Projection; And Trigonometrical Calculations,
Youth's Faithful Monitor: Or, the Young Man's Best Companion. Containing a Compendious English Grammar the Fifth Edition, Improved, Enlarged and Corrected
The British Palladium: Or, Annual Miscellany of Literature and Science: For the Year 1770. the First Part Consisting of New and Select Subjects, of General Utility.
Spectacle de La Nature: Or, Nature Delineated; Being Philosophical Conversations. a Complete Course of Natural and Experimental Philosophy, CA
A Religious-Fast. Rules for Observing It: With the General Unavailableness of Fasts Considered. Together with the Great Duty of Public - Spirit, or Love of Our Country.
A Description of the English Province of Carolana. by the Spaniards Call'd Florida, and by the French, La Louisiane. Viz. I. a Description of the Great and Famous River Meschacebe, or Missisipi.
A Defence of the Rights of the Christian Church. in Two Parts. Part I. Against Mr. Wotton's Visitation Sermon, Part II. Occasion'd by Two Late Indictments Against a Bookseller and His Servant
The First Book of Architecture: By Andrea Palladio. Translated Out of Italian, with an Appendix Touching Doors and Windows, by PR. Le Muet the Twelfth Edition
Walk in My Shoes
Democracy's Prisoner: Eugene V. Debs, the Great War, and the Right to Dissent
Ettore Majorana: Scientific Papers
A View of the Conduct of the Executive, in the Foreign Affairs of the United States, Connected with the Mission to the French Republic, During the Y
Merkel Cell Carcinoma: A Multidisciplinary Approach
Software Evolution
Component-Based Software Testing with UML
From Stochastic Calculus to Mathematical Finance: The Shiryaev Festschrift
Madeley Through Time
Sexual Haraament in Sport
Student Activities Manual for Francais-Monde: Connectez-vous a la francophonie
Lee Bank to Attwood Green Through Time
Business of Sport
The Lives and Characters of Eminent Men. Doctor Twisse.
An Enquiry Into the Causes of the Decline of Religion. a Sermon Preached ... April 14th, 1761. ... by William Thom, A.M.
Some Short and Plain Directions for the Spending of One Day Well; By Which (If Every Day Carefully Observed) a Man May Be Much Enabled, (Through God's Grace) to Spend His Whole Life Well
A Sermon Preach'd Before the University of Cambridge, in Kings College Chapel, on the 25th of March 1724. Being the Anniversary for Commemorating King Henry VI, the Founder
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons at St. Margrarets [sic] Westminster January 30. 1745-6. by Thomas Rutherforth,
A Defence of the Subscriptions Required in the Church of England. a Sermon, Preached Before the University of Cambridge, on the Commencement Sunday, 1757. by W. S. Powell, ... the Fourth Edition
Remarks Upon Mr. Webber's Scheme and the Draper's Pamphlet
Congenital Markers and Gastrointestinal Disorders
Recovery of Zinc and Iron from Zinc Ash
Service-Oriented Computing. ICSOC/ServiceWave 2009 Workshops: International Workshops, ICSOC/ServiceWave 2009, Stockholm, Sweden, November 23-27, 2009, Revised Selected Papers
Comptes Nationaux Des Pays de L'Ocde 2010, Volume I, Principaux Agregats
Music and Jewish Religious Experience
Young Elite Athletes and Education
ITF Round Tables No.147
Higher Education in Sport in Europe: From Labour Market Demand to Training Supply
Old Borders, New Borders, No Borders
What to Cook and How to Cook It
Grant Wood: A Life
Superfreakonomics, Illustrated Edition: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance
Original MGA: The Restorer's Guide to All Roadster and Coupe Models
Starchitects: Visionary Architects of the Twenty-first Century
Time Relaxed Sports League Scheduling
Reading Foundations
Chiral Constituent Quark Model
Dedham Historical Register (3-4)
The Pattern of Christian Prudence and Discretion. Urged Against Hurtful and Fantastic Schemes of Life. by Joseph Holden Pott,
A Sermon Preached Before the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in the Abbey Church Westminster, on Monday January 30, 1775: ... by Brownlow Lord Bishop of Worcester.
The Faerie's Guide To Green Magick From The Garden
Number Properties GRE Strategy Guide
Factors That Affect Corporate Sustainability Practices
Analysing Productivity Performance of Indian Fertiliser Industry
Lifestyle Segmentation
Democratic School Leadership
Blinded by the Light of Reason
Space Time Dependent Phenomena in Networks
New Issues in Financial and Credit Markets
Analyzing Social Policy: Multiple Perspectives for Critically Understanding and Evaluating Policy
Gestational Diabetes During and After Pregnancy
Domain Decomposition Methods - Algorithms and Theory
Stochastic Numerics for the Boltzmann Equation
The Works of the Reverend Dr Edward Young. in Four Volumes. Carefully Compared and Corrected by the Author's Edition. ... Volume 3 of 4
Sermons on Various Subjects. by the Right Reverend Peter Browne, ... Now First Published from the Author's Original Manuscripts. in Two Volumes. ... Volume 2 of 2
Truth No Enemy to Peace. Animadversions on the REV. Mr. Fletcher's Defence of His Scripture-Loyalist. ... by John Reid, ...
Sermons Selected from Dr. Priestley's Discourses on the Evidences of Revelation.
Ten Sermons, by Richard Hutchins, ... to Which Is Prefixed a Short Account of the Author.
The Third and Last Letter to a Gentleman Dissenting from the Church of England, Wherein the Design of the Second Is Farther Pursued, and Completed
The Works of the Reverend Dr Edward Young. in Four Volumes. Carefully Compared and Corrected by the Author's Edition. ... Volume 1 of 4
You Are a Smart Girl
Random Fire
The Shame Factor: How Shame Shapes Society
Pneumatologia: Or, a Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit. Wherein an Account Is Given of His Name, Nature, Personality, Dispensation
The State-Weathercocks: Or, a New Secret History of the Most Distinguished Favourites, Both of the Late and Present Reign. Writ by That Person of Honour, That Sent to Mr. John Dunton
A Critical Inquiry Into the Opinions and Practice of the Ancient Philosophers, Concerning the Nature of the Soul and a Future State, and Their Method of Teaching by the Double Doctrine. I
Advice to a Daughter, Chiefly with Regard to Religion.
Observations on the Present Collection of Epistles Between Cicero and M. Brutus, Representing Several Evident Marks of Forgery in Those Epistles
Awakening Sleeping Beauty: Fulfill Your Heart's Dreams
Preparation for Death, the Best Preservative Against the Plague. Being the Substance of Two Sermons, Preach'd at the Merchant's Lecture in Salters-Hall, Jan. 17th, and 31st, 1721. by B. Grosvenor.
Baptismon Didache: Eller Laerdom Om Daabe, Adskilt Fra Forrige Oc Itzige Tiders Misbrug; Oc Igien Bragt Til Den Forste Sundhed Oc Eenfoldighed: ... Ved William Dell, ...
Forbidden Female Views: Full Color Close-Ups of the Clitoris, Labia, Urethral Opening, Perineum, Anus, Vaginal Opening and Canal
Sermons, by the REV. Thomas Harwood, ...
A System of Divinity, in a Course of Sermons, on the First Institutions of Religion; On the Being and Attributes of God; On Some of the Most Important Articles of the Christian Religion Volume 2 of 26
A History of Thermodynamics: The Doctrine of Energy and Entropy
When Professional Wrestlers Had Cauliflower Ears: The Life and Times of Ron the Golden Gladiator Hill
Multicriteria Optimization
Topics in Almost Automorphy
Wood and Tree Fungi: Biology, Damage, Protection, and Use
An Introduction to Number Theory
Topics and Methods in Condensed Matter Theory: From Basic Quantum Mechanics to the Frontiers of Research
Olympic Education
Piecewise-smooth Dynamical Systems: Theory and Applications
Research Realities in the Social Sciences: Negotiating Fieldwork Dilemmas
Football for Peace
Aspects of Sport Governance
Open the Jail Doors--We Want to Enter: The Defiance Campaign Against Apartheid Laws, South Africa, 1952
Gender, Sport and Leisure: Continuities and Challenges
The The Hen Harrier: In the Shadow of Slemish
Vsto for Dummies (R)
Let No Man Put Asunder: Saving Christian Marriage, Changing Unloving Men
The Folly of Slander. a Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford. by John Wilder, M.A.
The Substance and Scope of Both Testaments, or the Distinguishing Glory of the Gospel. a Sermon on the Displays of Divine Justice, in the Propitiatory Sacrifice of Christ
The Battle of the Bubbles. Shewing Their Several Constitutions, Alliances, Policies, and Wars; From Their First Suddain Rise, to Their Late Speedy Decay. by a Stander-By.
A Discourse, Delivered at Easton, on the 17th of October, 1779, to the Officers and Soldiers of the Western Army, After Their Return from an Expedition Against the Five Nations of Hostile Indians.
A Catalogue of the Valuable Library of the Learned James Thompson, Esq; Deceased; With a Collection of a Gentleman Lately Gone Abroad: Consisting of Scarce and Valuable Books
Social Organization and Status of Occupational Groups
Non-Compliance as an Issue on Eu Food Safety Regulations
Environmental Sustainability as a Source of Competitive Advantage
Foretaste of Heaven Amidst Suffering: Living with the Life-Threatening Disease of Amyloidosis
AIDS to the Study of German Theology, 3rd Edition
A Second Letter of Advice, Addressed to All Merchants, Manufacturers, and Traders, of Every Denomination, Concerning the Odious and Alarming Tax on Receipts, to Which Are Added the Second Edition.
Why Is Collin Like That?
Youth at Risk
The Wealth or Health of Nations
Psychological Warfare (WWII Era Reprint)
Manhattan GRE: Algebra GRE Strategy Guide 1
Beautiful Stories of Life
The University Challenge Quiz Book
Word Translations GRE Strategy Guide
Fe Large Amplitude Free Flexural Vibration Analysis of Plates
Quality of Working Life, Job Satisfaction and Job Behavior of Workers
Derivatives: A Monetary Aggregate Approach by Divisia Index
Remarks on the Bishop of Exeter's, and Also on Dr. Heberden's Interpretation of the Prophecy of Haggai
The Evidences of the Christian Religion Briefly Stated
The Impact of High Interest Rate to the Growth of Smes the Case Study Tanzanian Banks
The Case of the Annuitants, and of the Several Interests of the South-Sea Proprietors, Compared and Examined
The Great Priviledge of Children of God, Is Their Liberty to Be Ever with Him, and Their Interest in All That Is His: Shewed, in a Sermon Preached in the North Precinct of Eastham
Tomorrow We Die
An Index to the Report of the Secret Committee: By Which, in a Short View, the Reader Is Presented with the Substance of It. in a Letter to a Friend
Just a Trade a Day: Simple Ways to Profit from Predictable Market Moves
The Expediency and Utility of War, in the Present State of Things, Considered: A Discourse Before, and at the Desire of the Ancient and Honourable Artillery-Company, at Boston, June 4. 1759
Alien Boy
Teaching Information Technology 14+
Interactive Process Models
Refugees and Cross-Border Political Conflicts
Economic Value of Cattle in Smallholder Livestock Production Systems
Memoire Analytique: Ou L'On Deduit, Par Une Grande Reunion de Faits, Les Principes, A L'Aide Desquels on Poura Faire Prosperer de Nouvelles Colonies
Financial Stress, Conflict, and Poor Adolescent Adjustment
The French Churches Apology for the Church of England: Or, the Objections of Dissenters Against the Articles, Homilies, Liturgy, and Canons of the English Church
Assessment Update Volume 22, Number 5, September-october 2010
Several Cases in Physick, and One in Particular, Giving an Account of a Person Who Was Inoculated for the Small-Pox, and Had the Small-Pox Upon the Inoculation, and Yet Had It Again. by Peirce Dod
A Catalogue of a Large Collection of the Best Books, in All Parts of Learning, in Greek, Latin, French, Italian and English; Containing Several Curious Libraries, Lately Purchased.
Mathematics Performance of Second Year Students
A Prospect from the Congress-Gallery, During the Session, Begun December 7, 1795. Containing the President's Speech, the Addresses of Both Houses, Some of the Debates in the Senate
Arsenic Calamity in India
Lesbian Women and Social Spaces in Cape Town
Disparities in Infant and Child Health Status
Contamination Inspection System
Turkish-Greek Relations Within the European Union Framework
Incoming Tourism Marketing Communication in Lithuania
Deforestation in Kerala
Voltage and Frequency Regulation of Self Excited Induction Generator
Battling Boredom: 99 Strategies to Spark Student Engagement
Spectral Analysis Of Relativistic Operators
Micrornas In Development And Cancer
A Narrative of the Founding and Settling the New-Gathered Congregational Church in Boston: With the Opposition of the South Church to the Minister, His Defence of Himself Before the Council
Law and Religion: New Horizons
Contemplative Teachers' Practical Knowledge
The Retention of Software Development Employees
Ottoman Women: A Social History from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Modelling Bus Transit Network Evolution
Experiments in Automated Generation of Games
O Mary, Don't You Weep
Ms. Sally's Healthy Habit Calendar Journal - For Teens and Teacher's Guide
Pushaw Lake an Historical Profile
The Elfin Knight: Book 2 of Edmund Spenser's 'The Faerie Queene'
Post-School Human Capital Investments
Aspects of Ergodic, Qualitative and Statistical Theory of Motion
Arq Protocols in Wireless Communications
The Kyoto Protocol, an Uncompleted Answer to Tackle Global Warming
The Miracle on the Mountains: Crocus
Synchronization of Ovulation with Hormones and Fertility in Buffaloes
Negotiated Portfolio Assessment in University Curriculum
Unit Groups of Certain Classes of Commutative Finite Rings
Competition in Pints
ASEAN and the Eu
Oral Health of Indigenous People of Challhuahuacho-Apurimac, Peru
The Training of Surgeons
Advanced Techniques for Competitive Tennis
Synthesis of C-Glycosides Via Ramberg-Backlund Reaction
5000 Years of Textiles
Hueys Bloody Good Recipes
Managing Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
World Music: Global sounds in Australia
Saltaire Through Time
Alcohol in Popular Culture: An Encyclopedia
Australia in the Global Economy HSC 2011 [student Book]
The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Joseph Conrad: Youth, Heart of Darkness, The End of the Tether
A Sermon, Preached in the Church of St. Nicholas, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, on Thursday, the 29th Day of November, ... by Richard Brewster,
The Duty and Difficulty of Governing Well: Consider'd in a Sermon Preach'd at the Assizes Held at Hertford, July the 6th, 1719. ... by Samuel Hassell,
How It Really Works? a Study about Innovation and Proximity
Realization of Cascade of Resonators with Distributed Fb SIGMA-Delta
The Reichstag Fire: Who Was Responsible?
Cost Tool Development
Patera Migration from West Africa to Spain
Encyclopedia Of Weather and Climate Change
Gifts from the Kitchen: 100 irresistible homemade presents for every occasion
Sporting Heroes of the North
A Rejoinder to the Reverend Mr. Robert Abercrombie's Late Remarks on a Fair Narrative of the Proceedings of the Presbytery of Boston, Against Himself
The Great Concern of Christians, and Especially of Ministers, to Preserve the Doctrine of Christ in It's Purity. Shewed in a Sermon Preached at Watertown, June 11. 1723
A Looking-Glass, for Presbyterians. [eight Lines of Verse from Swift]
Validation of Thermal Processing of Foods in Large Agitated Vessel
The Architecture of New Molecules - A Dynamic Approach
Elements of Quantum Optics
Information Retrieval for Music and Motion
A Brief Examination Into the Increase of the Revenue, Commerce, and Navigation, of Great Britain, Since the Conclusion of the Peace in 1783. a New Edition, with Additions
Mechanical Behaviour of Engineering Materials: Metals, Ceramics, Polymers, and Composites
Travel On and On: Interdisciplinary Lessons on the Music of World Cultures
A Sermon Preached at St. Sepulchre's Church; May the 6th, 1736. Being the Time of the Yearly Meeting of the Children Educated in the Charity-Schools, in and about the Cities of London and Westminster.
The Poor Man's Lawyer: Or, Laws Relating to the Inferior Courts Laid Open. Shewing How Every Man Arrested or in Prison in the Counters, Marshalsea
The Gentleman's Recreation: Or the Second Part of the Art of Gardening Improved. Containing Several New Experiments and Curious Observations Relating to Fruit-Trees: The Second Edition.
The Insensible Sliding Process
Agent Based User Modeling
Supplementation of Probiotic (Protexintm)
Coping with Calculus
Water Treatment Using Adsorption on Soil
Udp/IP for Embedded System
Theory of Diffraction: Heuristic Approaches
Elaboration Des Metaux Ferreux (Fontes Et Aciers)
Indian Antiquities: Or, Dissertations, Relative to the Ancient Geographical Divisions, the Pure System of Primeval Theology, the Grand Code of Civil Laws, the Original Form of Government Volume 4 of 5
Multihop Mobile Wireless Networks
Lost Works
101 Recipes for Gluten-Free Microwave Mug Cakes: Healthier Single-Serving Snacks in Less Than 10 Minutes
Interior Architecture: From Brief to Build
A Sermon Preached in Trinity-Church in New-York, in America, May 12, 1709. at the Funeral of the Right Honourable John Lord Lovelace, Barron of Hurley, Her Majesties Capt
Europaische Chopin, Der
An Answer to Mr. Tho. Chubb's Book, Entitled, the True Gospel of Jesus Christ; Wherein Is Proved That Mr. Chubb Hath Weakened the Influence of Christ's Gospel
Electric Guitar and Bass Design
A Letter Concerning the Necessity of Learning for the Priesthood: In Which There Is an Enquiry Made Into That Particular Qualification for It, in the Different Ages and Nations of the World
The Silence of Trees
Street Children Phenomenon
Fruit Leathers
Processing and Evaluation of Banana Based Instant Ice Cream Mix
Inlet Velocity Profile Optimization of the Turbine 99 Draft Tube
Metal Nanocluster
Audit Tenure and the Equity Risk Premium
Emergent Projects in Large Organizations
Application of Rio Conventions to Environmental Issues in Tanzania -07
Teachers' Beliefs on and Use of Ludic Language in the Efl Class
The Ten Higher Laws: Christ's Teachings for Becoming Pure in Heart
Running to Marrakesh: A Collection of Poems Including Memories of Dakota
Understanding Me
Reaching Out to Immigrant Parents
Becoming Missional: Denominations and New Church Development in Complex Social Contexts
Completely Pro-Life
How to Survive Being Human
African Literature
Multicultural Scale Development in Social Work
Solving the Mystery . . . What Every Preteen Should Know - Teacher's Edition
Development Communication and Empowerment
Daily Stressors, Coping Strategies and Adjustment of Adolescents
Large Fluctuations of Stochastic Differential Equations
Genetic Variability of Bread Wheat Genotypes
Nutritional and Physiological Studies on Poultry
Dendritic Crystal Growth
Energy Dissipation in Molecular Systems
Procedures in International Law
The Rise of Experimental Biology: An Illustrated History
Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry
British Conservatism: The Politics and Philosophy of Inequality
Advances in Information Technology: 4th International Conference, IAIT 2010, Bangkok, Thailand, November 4-5, 2010, Proceedings
The Rhetoric of Power in Late Antiquity: Religion and Politics in Byzantium, Europe and the Early Islamic World
Critical Care Obstetrics
Epigenetics and Cancer, Part B: Volume 71
Enlightenment, Modernity and Science: Geographies of Scientific Culture and Improvement in Georgian England
Health and Modernity: The Role of Theory in Health Promotion
Martingale Methods in Financial Modelling
The Complete Seedsman: Shewing, the Best and Easiest Method for Raising and Cultivating Every Sort of Seed Belonging to a Kitchen and Flower-Garden.
A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist. Containing the Laws of the Game: And Also Some Rules. by Edmond Hoyle, Gent. the Tenth Edition. and Also a Dictionary for Whist
The First Book of Architecture: By Andrea Palladio. Translated Out of Italian, with an Appendix Touching Doors and Windows, by PR. Le Muet the Ninth Edition, Corrected and Enlarged ...
Travels Through Turkey in Asia, the Holy Land, Arabia, Egypt, and Other Parts of the World: Giving a Particular and Faithful Account of What Is Most Remarkable in the Manners Volume 2 of 2
A Catalogue of the Valuable and Choice Collection of Books, Prints, Books of Prints, Sketches, Original Drawings, Portraits, Paintings
Indian Antiquities: Or, Dissertations, Relative to the Ancient Geographical Divisions, the Pure System of Primeval Theology, the Grand Code of Civil Laws, the Original Form of Government Volume 5 of 5
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords, in the Abbey-Church of Westminster, on Wednesday, January 30th, 1744. ... by John Lord Bishop of Lincoln. the Second Edition
The Character and Work of a Good Ruler, and the Duty of an Obliged People. a Sermon Preach'd Before His Excellency William Shirley, Esq; The Honourable His Majesty's Council
A Supplement to the Bishop of London's Letter to the Clergy and People of London and Westminster, on Occasion of the Late Earthquakes. the Second Edition Revis'd and Corrected.
Observations on the Cure of William Taylor, the Blind Boy of Ightham, in Kent; Who Being Born with Cataracts in Both Eyes, Was at Eight Years of Age, Brought to Sight, on the 8th of October, 1751
Dialogues on the Rights of Britons, Between a Farmer, a Sailor, and a Manufacturer. Dialogue the First.
A Sermon Preached in the Third Presbyterian Church in the City of Philadelphia, on Thursday December 11, 1783. the Day Appointed by the United States in Congress Assembled
Aulim Luz. a Sermon, Preached at the Opening of Northampton Chapel (Formerly Called the Pantheon), in the Spa Fields, Islington; On Sunday, July the 6th, 1777. by Herbert Jones
Beyond the 'Wild Tribes': Understanding Modern Afghanistan and Its Diaspora
A Bibliography of the Seven Weeks' War of 1866
Groping Toward Whatever or How I Learned to Retire, Sort of
The Problem of Peoples
Studies on Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Tetravalent
An History of the Mitred Parliamentary Abbies, and Conventual Cathedral Churches. Shewing the Times of Their Respective Foundations, with a Catalogue of Their Abbats, Priors Volume 1 of 2
Between Sin and Disease
Prediction of Electromagnetic Launcher Behavior
A Most Curious Destiny
Dying Alive in Makeshift Relief Camp
Trophical Sanitation by Ecophytostructure of Indonesia
Investigations on Transition Metal Doped Semiconductor for Spintronics
Model Based Testing for Real-Time Systems
Migration of Highly Qualified Workers in Eu and in the United States
Convergence of Dependent Random Variables
Preparation of Some Derivatives of Open-Lactam Form of Praziquantel
The Adoption of PDA in Bangkok, Thailand
Evaluating Social Capital in Rio's Favelas
Engineering Business Processes with Service Level Agreements
Tropical Cyclones: Climatology and Impacts in the South Pacific
Epigenetics and Cancer, Part A: Volume 70
A History of Water: Water, Geopolitics and the New World Order: v. 3: Series 2
The Evolution of Strategy: Thinking War from Antiquity to the Present
A History of Water: Rivers and Society: From Early Civilizations to Modern Times: v. 2: Series 2
Advertising as a Marketing Communication Tool
Development of Aluminium Matrix Composites by Double Stir-Casting
The Tales of Poly(a) Tails
Spatial Interpolation of Precipitation
Boulder and Vail Models
Design and Implementation of a Ddfs Using Sum of Weighted Bit Products
Contract Renegotiation and Adaptation
Generating Hydro Kinetic Power in Cold Climates
Exercise and Oxidative Stress in Health and Disease
Translating Policy Into Practice
Women and Governance
Franchising in Theory and Practice
Through the Year: The Growing Erbs Series
Tanzania- A Mystical Pilgrimage
Deconstructing the Native/Imagining the Post-Native
Clinician Gender as a Factor of Countertransference
Implementing Quality Culture
From Symplectic and Contact Geometry to Dynamical Systems
Felidae in Xinjiang
Schooling, Earnings and Employment in the Labour Market for Conductors
Carbon Emissions in Domestic Energy Use
Laimingas Emigrantas
User's Guide to Protein and Amino Acids
Sono-Electrodeposition of Thin Films
QuickBooks 2011 For Dummies
Beginning Web Development for Smartphones: Developing Web Applications with PHP, mSQL, and Jqtouch
Change Your Business with NLP: Powerful tools to improve your organisation's performance and get results
Some Observations on the Present State of Ireland, Particularly with Relation to the Woollen Manufacture. in a Letter to His Excellency the Duke of Dorset
An Epistle from Mr. H-S, P-Y of H-D, to Mr. W-, Concerning His Conduct in the Ensuing P---M---T, Especially with Relation to the Bill of Commerce. Translated from the Original Dutch.
The Indispensable Importance of Real Religion. a Sermon Preached at Shakespear's-Walk March 31, 1766. for the Benefit of the Charity-School in That Place. by Samuel Stennett, ... the Third Edition
A Premonitor Warning: Or Advice, by a True Lover of His Country, Unto All Whose Hands This May Come.
The Duty of a People to Stand in Aw of God, and Not Sin, When Under His Terrible Judgments. a Sermon Preach'd at the South Meeting House in Boston the Second Edition.
Religion to Be Minded, Under the Greatest Perils of Life. a Sermon on Psal. CXIX. 109. Containing a Word in Season to Soldiers. Preach'd on April 6. 1755.
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, on Friday, January XXX, 1767. by Beilby Porteus, ....
The Joy of Parents in Wise Children. a Sermon, by the Reverend George Lawson,
A Guilty Conscience Makes a Rebel; Or, Rulers No Terrour to the Good Prov'd, in a Sermon Preached on the Thirtieth of January, 1712/13. by Luke Milbourne
A Sermon Preached at Christ-Church, Dublin, on the 20th of May, 1792, Before His Excellency John, Earl of Westmoreland, President, and the Rest of the Incorporated Society in Dublin
Gratitude: How to Appreciate Life's Gifts
Dream Architecture
Marigold: Book One of the Elven Chronicles
Effect of Artemisinin Derivatives to Plasmodium Pinottii
The Grounds of Anniversary-Days, Both Festivals and Fasts, Consider'd, in a Sermon Preach'd November 5. 1717. by Henry Grove
The Reed of Egypt Piercing the Hand That Leans Upon It. Or, a Demonstration That the Arguments of the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of London, in His Second Pastoral Letter Against the Deists
Teacher Perceptions and Practices in Using the Internet
Impact and Implications of Power Reforms in India
Trade Liberalization and Food Sector of Bangladesh
International Oil Companies and Biofuels
Control of Mineral Uptake in Vitro
E-Business in Pakistan: Opportunities and Threats
Polymeric Materials from Cellulose and Its Derivatives
Population Dynamics of Important Fishes in the Vindhyan Region, India
Curious Tales from West Yorkshire
The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D, D.S.P.D. in Eight Volumes. Containing, I. His Miscellanies in Prose. II. His Poetical Writings. III. the Travels of Capt. Lemuel Gulliver. Volume 3 of 8
Contemporary Copper Jewelry (With DVD)
What You Mean to Me
From Silence to Voice
Real Wild Child: An insider's tales from the rage couch
Transport: An Australian History
Beginning Microsoft Word 2010
The Best of Brochure Design 11
Fundamentals of Forensic Practice: Mental Health and Criminal Law
Metadata and Semantic Research: 4th International Conference, MTSR 2010, Alcala de Henares, Spain, October 2010, Proceedings
Innovations and the Environment
Popery Not Founded on Scripture or Antiquity. Shewing the Several Ages When the Corruptions of the Church of Rome First Appear'd. to Which Is Added, by Way of Appendix
The Hunting Widow's Guide to Great Venison Cooking: Family Favorites
Audrey's Angel: Audrey's Prayer
A Year in Paris and an Ordeal in Bangkok: Collected Poems and Political Essays
Aspects of Oral Literature in Ghana
A Regional Energy-Economy Model - A Case Study of Karnataka
Dimension Reduction Method for Design Under Uncertainty
The Loyal Catechism; Teaching I. the Duty of Subjects to Their Sovereigns. ... V. the Reward of Obedience and Patient Suffering. All Plainly Prov'd from Scripture,
The Triumphs of Providence in the Downfal of Pharaoh, Renew'd in the Late Battle of Ramellies [sic]: Being a Sermon on Exodus IX. Ver. 16. Preach'd at the Savoy-Church. by John Dubourdieu,
Divine Sovereignty in the Salvation of Sinners, Consider'd and Improv'd. in a Sermon Preach'd Before the Eastern Association of Fairfield County, on a Publick Lecture in Danbury, July 29th. 1741
Considerations on the Present Dearness of Corn, Humbly Offered to Both Houses of Parliament.
A Sermon Preach'd at the Temple-Church, January the 30th. 1713: ... by Richard Coleire,
A Discourse, Delivered in Roxbury, October 12, 5796; Before the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; The Most Worshipful Paul Revere, Esq; Master
A Discourse, Delivered at Reading February 22, 1800; The Day Recommended by Congress to the Observance of the People of the United States, by Their Assembling
Some Strictures Upon the Sacred Story Recorded in the Book of Esther, Shewing the Power and Oppression of State Ministers Tending to the Ruin and Destruction of God's People
Modulation of Protein-Protein Interactions
Work as the Key to the Social Question in Zambia
Theory and Practice of Crisis Management
On the Eigenvalues of the Manakov System
The Oeconomy of Human Life: In Two Parts. Translated from an Indian Manuscript, Written by an Ancient Bramin. to Which Is Prefixed, an Account of the Manner in Which the Said Manuscript Was Discovered
A New and Accurate Description of All the Direct and Principal Cross Roads in England and Wales. ... by Daniel Paterson, ... the Ninth Edition
Socio-cultural Foundations of Physical Education and Educational Sport
Train Your Brain
The Piano Player in the Brothel: The Future of Journalism
Dr. Stephen Marcone: Managing Your Band - 5th Edition
St Neots and the Great War
The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D, D.S.P.D. in Eight Volumes. Containing, I. His Miscellanies in Prose. II. His Poetical Writings. III. the Travels of Capt. Lemuel Gulliver. Volume 7 of 8
WS-BPEL 2.0 for SOA Composite Applications with IBM WebSphere 7
Thoughts Upon Infant-Baptism. by the Late Reverend and Learned Dr. Jer. Taylor, ... to Which Are Added Several Quotations from Other Learned P do-Baptists, ... with Some Few Remarks.
The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D, D.S.P.D. in Eight Volumes. Containing, I. His Miscellanies in Prose. II. His Poetical Writings. III. the Travels of Capt. Lemuel Gulliver. Volume 6 of 8
A Letter of Advice to the Reverend Mr. Scurlock: Occasioned by His Extraordinary Sermon, Preach'd at St. Paul's Cathedral, ... in Vindication of the Excise Scheme. by a Sturdy Beggar,
Reasons for Improving the Fisheries, and Linnen Manufacture of Scotland. ... Humbly Submitted to the Consideration of ... the Members of Both Houses of Parliament.
An Answer to Every Man That Asketh a Reason of the Hope That Is in Us. Written by Joseph Humphreys
An Account of the Life and Writings of the Reverend Edmund Staunton, D.D. Minister of the Gospel at Kingston Upon Thames,
Remarks Upon a Late Ingenious Pamphlet, Entituled, a Short But Thorough Search Into What May Be the Real Cause of the Present Scarcity of Our Silver Coin, &c. ... by an Impartial Hand
A Sermon, on Public Worship. by the Rev. Rees Price, Curate of Okehampton
An Answer to the Reverend Dr. Snape's Letter to the Bishop of Bangor. by ... Benjamin Lord Bishop of Bangor. the Sixth Edition
A Speech Against Sir R----- W------'s Proposal for Increasing the Civil List Revenue: As It Was Spoken in the House of Commons, July 3. 1727. by W------ S---P--N, Esq. the Second Edition.
Women, Football and Europe 1
Overcoming the Storms of Life: The Voyage of the H.M.S. Victorious
Geometric Formulation Of Classical And Quantum Mechanics
Perceiving Geometry: Geometrical Illusions Explained by Natural Scene Statistics
Trace Elements in Soils and Plants
Academic Genealogy Of Mathematicians
Emotion and English Vocabulary Learning of Senior High School Students
A Moroccan Wedding Ceremony Between Tradition and Modernity
Sod and Catalase Activity During in Vitro Morphogenesis of C. Bicolor
Sulfur in Tertiary Indian Coals
Scenography in Stage Performance and Tourism in Trado-African Festival
Accountability Under Human Rights Law of Non-State Actors
Justified in the Spirit: Creation, Redemption, and the Triune God
Beckett and Germany
Summers with Lincoln: Looking for the Man in the Monuments
A Parallel Path
Participacion de Los Campesinos Mestizos E Indigenas, La
Feasibility Study of Using Pulsating Heat Pipes in Waste Heat Recovery
The Laws Respecting Wills, Testaments, and Codicils, and Executors, Administrators, and Guardians, as Collected from the Several Reports and Other Books of Authority
The State of the Greatest King, Set Forth in the Greatness of Solomon, and the Glory of His Reign; Viz. That Solomon's Kingdom Was the Most Pleasant, Most Flourishing, in the World
Remote Sensing and GIS Application for Drought Severity Assessment
Effect of Multigenerational Family and Social Systems on Meaning-Making
The Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D, D.S.P.D. in Eight Volumes. Containing, I. His Miscellanies in Prose. II. His Poetical Writings. III. the Travels of Capt. Lemuel Gulliver. Volume 5 of 8
Mere Images
Duckey, La
Malachai Grove Plunt Solinatry: The Song of Malachai
Living with Uncertainty
St. Paul's Behaviour in the Cause of the Gospel. a Sermon Preach'd Before the Sons of the Clergy, at Their Annual Feast, in the Cathedral-Church of St. Paul, London
King David's Death, and Solomon's Succession to the Throne in a Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of King George the Second. Preached in New Broad-Street, Nov.2, 1760. the Second Edition
The Catholick Doctrine Concerning the Union of the Two Natures in the One Person of Christ Stated and Vindicated. a Sermon Preach'd at Witney, on Tuesday, July 21. 1719. the Second Edition
Colorectal Surgery: Handbooks in General Surgery
A Sermon Preached December 5, 1792. at the Ordination of the Rev. Edward Richmond, Colleague Pastor with the Rev. Jedidiah Adams, Over the Second Church of Christ in Stoughton. by David Gurney
A Plain and Faithful Testimony Against That Abominable, But Too Fashionable Vice of Profane Swearing. Being the Substance of Several Discourses from James V. 12.
Spectroscopy of Major Biochemical Compounds of Coffee Beans
A Sermon Preached in the Parish-Church of Christ-Church, London, on Thursday May the 14th, 1767: Being the Time of the Yearly Meeting of the Children Educated in the Charity-Schools
Platform-Based Authorization Technologies
Biochemical Studies During Organogenesis
Singapore: Toward the Edge of Innovation Leadership
A Gendered Perspective on Challenges Surrounding Land Tenure Security
Fast Fourier Transform - Algorithms and Applications
Augustine's Inner Dialogue: The Philosophical Soliloquy in Late Antiquity
Religion and the Political Imagination
A Moral Theory of Political Reconciliation
Transformation of Black School Education in South Africa, 1950 to 1994
Student Centric Mobile Services
Evaluation of Citizen Participation in Policy Implementation
Best Business Practices and Performance of Ceramics Firms in Thailand
Cuisine, La: Everyday French Home Cooking
Some Dance to Remember: A Memoir-Novel of San Francisco 1970-1982
Numerical and Practical Exercises in Thermoluminescence
Not Happy? Get Happy!
Developing Oral Communication in Efl Teaching
Considerations Preliminary, to the Fixing the Supplies, the Ways and Means, and the Taxes for the Year 1781. Addressed to the Minister and the Public
Coir Industry-The Green Money Spinner
Polythiophene Based Conjugated Polymer for Optoelectronic Application
Determination of Survival Rate of Prawn Larvae Using Probiotics
Development of a Longitudinally Excited Continuous Wave Co2 Laser
Variability and Antifungal Activity of Botrytis Cinerea
Complexity Explained
Finance for Engineers: Evaluation and Funding of Capital Projects
The Constitution Failed
Denial Ain't the Answer to My Problems
Down Ramp! the Story of the Army Amphibian Engineers (WWII Era Reprint)
A Commonplace Book on Teaching and Learning: Reflections on Learning Processes, Teaching Methods, and Their Effects on Scientific Literacy
I Venti Corni: The Twenty Horns
Unlikely Allies: 8 Steps to Bridging Divides That Impact Leadership
Emergent Probability, Computers and Insight as Information
Sergeant and Arrow-cross-man: Hungarian Destinies Between Destruction and Exile
Corridor Viability and Habitat Restoration
Dynamic Dumbbell Training
A Sermon Preached Before the University of Oxford, at Christ Church, on Ascension-Day, M DCC LXXX VI. by Peter Williams,
Microbiome Antibiograms in Pollution Monitoring of Water Resources
Some Necessary Considerations Relating to All Future Elections of Members to Serve in Parliament, Humbly Offer'd to All Electors, Whether They Be True Born Sons of the Church of England
A Robotic Ball Game: Development of Physical and Computer Prototypes
Online Information Search for Experience Goods
The Psychoneurobiology of Empathic Attunement
Evaluation of Two Urban Development Programs in West Bengal, India
The Beatles' Songs in Teaching English
Mergence and Adaptation of Scrum and Extreme Programming
Literacy Network Middle Primary Upp Teacher Bk T5-8 Upper Primary
Careers from the Kitchen Table 2010 National Home Business Dcareers from the Kitchen Table 2010 National Home Business Directory Irectory
The Gospel Revelation of the Future State and Happiness of Man Considered. a Sermon, Preached Before the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
The Art of Practical Measuring Easily Perform'd, by a Two Foot Rule. and Lastly, Some Useful Directions in Dialling, the Third Edition Corrected and Amended by Henry Coggeshall, Gent
C. Crispi Sallustii Bellum Catalinarium Et Jugurthinum, Cum Versione Libera. Praemittitur Dissertatio the Third Edition.
Testing Various Dowel Systems Under Load to Failure and Cyclic Loading
A Free and Necessary Enquiry, Whether the Church of England, in Her Liturgy, and Many of Her Learned Divines, in Their Writings, Have Not, by Some Unwary Expressions, Relating to Transubstantiation
Advances in Services Innovations
The Smart Internet: Current Research and Future Applications
Climate Change and Technological Options: Basic facts, Evaluation and Practical Solutions
Female and Gender Leadership
The Mathematical Theory of Elasticity
Capacity-Building in Public Procurement
Maintaining of Quality
Social Economics of Organic Production in Columbia's Farmer's Market
Prospects of Jatropha Cultivation in Nepal
Application of Series Compensation in Bangladesh Power System
Ulcv a Potential Threat to Urdbean Production
Customers' Behaviour Towards Small Car in Unorganized Environment
Shape and Functional Elements of the Bulk Silicon Microtechnique: A Manual of Wet-Etched Silicon Structures
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms
The Water Place
Athena, Never A Bite
Bacteriocins: Ecology and Evolution
Mathematical Methods for Mechanics: A Handbook with MATLAB Experiments
Introduction to Bayesian Statistics
Surgery of the Esophagus and Stomach: Handbooks in General Surgery
Observations on the Temporal Conduct and Actions of Our Saviour, and of John the Baptist, as Recorded in the Gospels.
The Fulness of Life and Joy in the Presence of God. a Sermon Occasion'd by the Decease of Mrs. Martha Stoddard, Late Consort of the Honourable Anthony Stoddard, Esq; Feb. 11. 1747,8. Aetatis 62
That Jesus Christ Is God by Nature, of the Same Essence with the Father, Proved to Be the Doctrine of Christianity. Two Letters to a Very Eminent and Learned Gentleman the Third Edition
The Knowledge of Things Unknown: Shewing the Effects of the Planets and Other Astronomical Constellations. with the Strange Events That Befall Men, Women, and Children, Born Under Them
Compressor Instability with Integral Methods
The Reasonableness of Nonconformity to the Church of England, in Point of Worship. a Second Defence of a Sermon, Preach'd at Newark, June 2. 1736
The Evidences of the Christian Religion. with Additional Discourses on the Following Subjects, Viz. of God, and His Attributes. the Fifth Edition Enlarged
Radioactive Air Sampling Methods
The Archbishop of Cambray's Dissertation on Pure Love, with an Account of the Life and Writings of the Lady, for Whose Sake the Archbishop Was Banish'd from Court
An Introduction to the Mathematics of Money: Saving and Investing
Symmetric Galerkin Boundary Element Method
A Concise Handbook of Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering Sciences
Minutes and Proceedings of the General and Sub-Committees of the Counties in Scotland, and Papers Laid Before Them Relative to the Distillery
A Discourse of Schism: Design'd for the Satisfaction of Conscientious and Peaceable Dissenters
The Life of Hersch Lauterpacht
A Discourse, Delivered on the 26th of November, 1795; Being the Day Recommended by the Governor of the State of New-York to Be Observed as a Day of Thanksgiving and Prayer
Understanding Social Outcomes of Technological Innovations in Zimbabwe
The P.E.T. Solution
Reading No Preaching: Or a Letter to a Young Clergyman, from a Friend in London, Concerning the Unwarrantable Practice of Reading the Gospel, Instead of Preaching It.
My Telephone Savta
Grandma Tuesday
101 Sunday School Activities on a Tiny Budget: Personal Enrichment, Spiritual Growth, Fellowship and Fun
So Much Like Me
How Fireflies Got Their Lights
Some Observations of the Power and Efficacy of a Medicine Against Loosenesses, Bloody Fluxes, &c. by the Late Dr. William Cockburn, Also Cases Where the Said Medicine Was Administred by Mr. John Dove
A Circular Journey
Theodor W. Adorno: One Last Genius
Drawn to Freedom: Christian Faith Today in Conversation with the Heidelberg Catechism
Basketball's Top 10 Scorers
Literacy Network Middle Primary Mid Teacher Bk T5-8 Middle Primary
Wimax Cost Effective Networks Deployment Model
Geheimnisvolles El Hierro
Social and Environmental Reporting
African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights
Leaf Type and Planting Configuration in Cotton
Tone and Prosodic Phrasing in North Kyungsang Korean
Predicting Instructional Quality
.Net and SAP Integration
The Prodigal on His Departure. a Sermon Preach'd Before the Queen, in St. George's Chapel at Windsor, on Sunday, September 27. 1713. by Pawlet St. John, A.M. ...
A Discourse Occasioned by the Death of King George II. and the Happy Accession of His Majesty King George III. to the Imperial Throne of Great-Britain; Delivered Jan. 4th 1761
Advantages Which Have Accrued to the Publick, and to the South-Sea Company, by the Execution of the South-Sea Scheme
A Letter to My Lord S******. Concerning the Prisons for Debts. with an Hint or Two of a Method for Securing the Creditor's Property, Without Touching the Person of the Debtor
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's, Westminster, on Friday, February 6, 1756; ... by Richard Terrick, D.D. ... the Second Edition
Observations on Stone Pillars, Crosses, and Crucifixes. by Thomas Astle,
The Popul Vuh: The Mythic and Heroic Sagas of the Kiches of Central America
Code Switching in FM
Fuel Cell Emualtor
Education Reconstruction in War-Torn Southern Sudan
Corporate Response to Recession (2008-09)
Optimal Bands Selection for Soil Classification and Moisture Mapping
Corporate Governance and Manager Turnover in the Netherlands
Evaluation of the Maintenance Efficiency Based on Reliability
Urban Environment and Travel Behavior
Reversal of Pseudomonas Infections by Plant Extracts
Chloride Ingress Into Reinforced Concrete Sustaining In-Service Loads
The Navy in Rome's Rise to Empire: 264-146 BC
Tunable Microcavities in Photonic Bandgap Yarns and Optical Fibers
Creative Education as a Way of the Organisation of Self-Development
A Rehabilitative Care Approach for People Living with Cancer
Epistles: Or, the Great Salvation Contemplated; In a Series of Letters to a Christian Society. by J. R
Select Remains of the Rev. John Mason, M.A. Late Rector of Water-Stratford, ... Recommended by the Rev. I. Watts, D.D. the Eighth Edition
A Polite Exchange of Bullets: The Duel and the English Gentleman, 1750-1850
Capital Structure of Banks in Ghana
Lifestyle, Consumption and Identity: A Human Ecological Study
Language as Cultural Protest in African Lit: A Postcolonial Perspective
Reactive Near Field Analysis of Mosquito Sound
Project of a Dormitory for the Students of an Architectural Faculty
in Countering Terrorism, Un
The Justice of Peace His Companion: Or, a Summary of All the Acts of Parliament to June 12th, 1711. the Second Edition, Carefully Corrected from the Many Errors in the Former Impression
A Sermon, Occasioned by the Death of Miss Elizabeth Christian, Daughter of the Rev. Mr. William Christian, ... Who Departed This Life September 23, 1765: Preached September XXIX. by John Martin
A Demonstration of the Insufficiency Both of Reason and Revelation, (Separately or Jointly Consider'd) in Matters of Religion. with a Conclusion, Shewing What Is Sufficient. the Second Edition
A Review of a Late Publication, Intitled, a Compendious View of the Religious System Maintained by the Synod of Relief, by Patrick Hutchison. by James Ramsay
Sacred Hymns for the Children of God, in the Days of Their Pilgrimage. by J. C. the Second Edition
Some Observations of the Power and Efficacy of a Medicine Against Loosenesses, Bloody Fluxes, &c. by the Late Dr. William Cockburn the Second Edition
Exploring Microsoft Office Word 2010 Comprehensive
Compendium of Chemical Warfare Agents
The Progress of the Christian Pilgrim, from This Present World, to the World to Come. in Two Parts. Written by Way of Dream: ... the Second Edition
Examining Passionate Pursuits
Developing ESL Learners' Self-Assessment Accuracy in Reading Skills
Found Poems
Software Konfigurationsmanagement
Classics for Solo Singers: 12 Masterwork Solos for Recitals, Concerts, and Contests (Medium Low Voice)
From Grace to Greed
Indo-Us Strategic Partnership
Economics for Southern Africa High School Students
From Nano to Space: Applied Mathematics Inspired by Roland Bulirsch
Malaria Prevention and Control Project in Sierra Leone
The Sensus Fidelium with Special Reference to the Thought of John Henry Newman
Spirit of Faith: The Oneness of God
Islamic Banking Vs Interest Based Banking in Islamic Countries
Impact of Advertising as a Strategic Tool for Growth of Brand Equity
Improving Calibration Strategy of Wasim-Eth Using Critical Events
Iron - Nickel Electrodeposition
The Port of Rotterdam and the Use of Intermodal Transportation
Conocimiento Tradicional, Predictores Climaticos y Diversidad Genetica
Biological Control of Groundnut Diseases
Particulate Matter Emission from Paved Road Surface
Working Apart Together
Fractal Clustering
Are the Papua New Guinea Workforce Emotionally Ready for Change?
Cytokine Gene Polymorphisms in the Pathogenesis of Chronic Gastritis
Factors Affecting Efl Listening Comprehension
Transforming Teachers and Classrooms with Online Learning
Studies in Maya Hieroglyphics
Flowering, Pollination, and Fruit Set in Fruit Trees
Child Labor in Automobile Workshops
Sa Law, Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Cloning
Faith Based Organisations Promoting Livelihoods of Orphans
Energy Markets' Liberalization in Greece
Strategic Management in Higher Education
Satori Now: Awakening Your Highest Self
Out of the Fog and Into the Light
Striving for Learnability and Usability
Doodles: Alphabet Coloring Fun
Vulnerable Adults and Community Care
History of the Jews (Volume 4)
History of the Jews (Volume 5)
The Historiography of Genocide
Development of Biodegradable Polymer for Treatment of Solid Tumor
Among the Gentiles: Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity
A Sermon, on the Duty and Importance of Ministers Making the Sacred Sriptures the Rule and Standard of Their Preaching, Delivered at Westford, January 2d, 1782
Wideband Optimum Reflectometer Construction
The Perjur'd Phanatick: Or, the Malicious Conspiracy of Sir John Croke, of Chilton, Bart. Justice of Peace in Com' Bucks', Henry Larimore, Anabaptist Preacher, and Other Phanaticks the Second Edition
A Creative Collision?
Englands Interest Consider'd, in the Increase of the Trade of This Kingdom: In Which Is an Account of Our Commerce with the Several Nations in Europe; ...
A Simulation Optimization Approach to Groundwater Management Problems
Dual-Pump Cars Measurements in Counter-Flow Flames Using Opo
The Dream of a House of My Own or My Life Turned Into a Nightmare
Dealing with Guanxi
Locked Into Oil
Data Mining in the Medical Domain
Autonomy and Informed Consent in Doctor-Patient Relationship
Investment and Financial Forecasting
Software Architecture Recovery Based on Pattern Matching Techniques
Optimization - The Bee's Way
Software Development Models
Do Adults Need Growth Hormone?
Entrepreneurship and Innovativeness
The British Empire in Europe: Part the First, Containing an Account of the Connection Between the Kingdoms of England and Ireland, Previous to the Year 1780
The Porkknuckle Book*: Or, the Curious End of the Morg-Rain War
Time's Telescope Universal and Perpetual, Fitted for All Countries and Capacities. Containing Perpetual Tables, Fitted to the Old and New Stile; Also the Magnitudes and Distances of the Planets
The Adventures of Signor Gaudentio Di Lucca. Being the Substance of His Examination Before the Fathers of the Inquisition, at Bologna, in Italy. Giving an Account of an Unknown Country
The Ultimate Game Changer: Optimum Performance and Outcome Changing
An Antidote Against Toryism. or the Curse of Meroz, in a Discourse on Judges 5th 23, by Nathaniel Whitaker D.D. Pastor of the Presbyterian Congregation in Salem, State of Massachusetts-Bay.
Serious Considerations on the Several High Duties Which the Nation in General, as Well as It's Trade in Particular Labours Under: With a Proposal for Preventing the Running of Goods the Second Edition
Ministry: The Delicate Flower
Chosen to Soar
Nothing New Under the Sun
A Discourse Concerning Fundamental Articles in Religion. in Which a Method Is Laid Down for the More Effectual Uniting of Protestants, and Promoting a More General Toleration Amongst Them
Zulu Conquered: The March of the Red Soldiers
Inquiry Into the Causes and Remedies of the Late and Present Scarcity and High Price of Provisions, in a Letter to the Right Hon. Earl Spencer, ... the Second Edition
Hitler's Savage Canary
Unconditional Surrender: The Last Days of the Third Reich and the Donitz Administration
The Trials of Phillis Wheatley: Americas First Black Poet and Her Encounters with the Founding Fathers
Fancy Beasts: Poems
Keep ME in Your Heart a While: The Haunting ZEN of Dainin Katagiri
Serial Killers: Butchers and Cannibals
Observations on the Corn Bill, Now Depending in Parliament. by John Lord Sheffield. the Second Edition
Christmas Collectables
Luminescent Sol-Gel PBS Nanoparticles in Silica Glass
E-Governance, Service Delivery and Customer Satisfaction
Modelling of Phase Formation in Aluminium Alloys
Reaching the Poorest Through Microfinance
Microsponge Based Colonic Drug Delivery Systems
Reflections of Crisis
Technical College Transfer Students
That's That
Business in the Cloud: What Every Business Needs to Know About Cloud Computing
Imaginaire III: Magic Realism 2011
Rh-Based Catalysts for Syngas Conversion to Oxygenates
Reflections: Of A Taunting Past
Orchards in the Oasis: Travels, Food and Memories
Fish Diversity in Some Water Bodies of Baro and Tekeze Basins, Ethiopia
My Party: Canapes and Cocktails
Establishment of Herbal Monograph
Thermodynamic Investigation of Wax Precipitation
A History of Kuyyu Warada
Albion Restituta: Or, a Plan for a Periodical Abolition of All Taxes, Raised by the Means of Collectors. Presented to Government in the Year 1793. ... Third Edition Improved
Analysis of the Chatkhil Dialect in Noakhali District, Bangladesh
Muralismo Morte: The Rebirth of Muralism in Contemporary Urban Art
Einstein's Enigma or Black Holes in My Bubble Bath
Adaptation to Climate Change: Law and Policy
Time Gods
Evil Behind the Smile
Personality and Individual Differences: Current Directions
An Answer to the Address of the Right Honourable Henry Grattan, to His Fellow Citizens of Dublin. by Patrick Duigenan. Fourth Edition
An Exposition of the Church-Catechism. Part I. Containing an Explication of the Preliminary Questions and Answers, and of the Apostles Creed. by William Assheton D.D.
Inferior Politics: Or, Considerations on the Wretchedness and Profligacy of the Poor, Especially in London and Its Vicinity with an Appendix, Containing a Plan for the Reduction of the National Debt
My Lord, My God
Yaya and Uncle Ted Go Walk!
The Right Method of Addressing the Divine Majesty in Prayer; So as to Support and Strengthen Our Faith in Dark and Troublesome Times. Set Forth in Two Discourses on April 5, 1770
Getting Past Go!: Finding Opportunities in a Crisis
Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions about Knowledge, III: Dualism
Imagine Your Library's Future: Scenario Planning for Libraries and information Organisations
A Supplement to the First and Second Parts of Lay-Baptism Invalid; In Answer to the Second Part of Mr. Bingham's Pretended Scholastical History of Lay-Baptism
Ricoeur, Identity and Early Childhood
A Rational Account of the Weather. Shewing the Signs of Its Several Changes and Alterations, Together with the Philosophical Reasons of Them. the Second Edition Corrected and Much Enlarg'd
Location-Based Information Systems (Open Access): Developing Real-Time Tracking Applications
Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions about Knowledge, I: Determinism
Weimar through the Lens of Gender: Prostitution Reform, Woman's Emancipation and German Democracy, 1919-33
Higher Education Assessments: Leadership Matters
Questioning Nineteenth-Century Assumptions about Knowledge, II: Reductionism
Hands-On Social Marketing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Change for Good
An Apology in Behalf of the Revd Mr. Whitefield: Offering a Fair Solution of Certain Difficulties, Objected Against Some Parts of His Publick Conduct, in Point of Moral Honesty
Considerations on the Attempt of the East-India Company to Become Manufacturers in Great-Britain
The Fall of the Mighty Lamented. a Funeral Discourse Upon the Death of Her Most Excellent Majesty Wilhelmina Dorothea Carolina, Queen-Consort to His Majesty of Great-Britain
Joven Hitler Que Conoci, El
A Review of Leicestershire Solid Waste Management Strategies
Muslim Scholars and Islamic Studies in the Balkans
Jumbo Easy Piano Standards
Homer Croy: Corn Country Travel Writing Literary Journalism Memoir
The Origin and Ends of Civil Government; With Reflections on the Distinguished Happiness of the United States. a Sermon, Preached Before His Excellency Samuel Huntington, Esq. L.L.D
Cambridge Checkpoints: Cambridge Checkpoints VCE Mathematical Methods CAS Units 3 and 4 2011
Arctic Host, Icy Visit
Environmental Pollution of Chemical Nature in Lake Ohrid
Systems Theory in Action: Applications to Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy
Malicious Cryptography: Exposing Cryptovirology
Thriving Systems Theory and Metaphor-Driven Modeling
The Acoustics of Performance Halls: Spaces for Music from Carnegie Hall to the Hollywood Bowl
The Scientific Legacy of Beppo Occhialini
Life in the World's Oceans: Diversity, Distribution, and Abundance
The City and the Moving Image: Urban Projections
Hemodynamics And Mechanobiology Of Endothelium
Perspectives On User Innovation
Nanoscale Interface For Organic Electronics
Girl from Ashland
An Appalachian Mother's Love
Divine Interventions
Still Learning Lessons Even After Forty
Jan De Witt's Elementa Curvarum Linearum: Liber Secundus
The Tuareg Society within a Globalized World: Saharan Life in Transition
The Winning Line: A Forensic Engineer's Casebook
Seeds of Empire: The Environmental Transformation of New Zealand
The Socially Isolated Adolescent Learner
The Arab-Israeli Conflict in the Media: Producing Shared Memory and National Identity in the Global Television Era
de La Primaute Du Pape.
Input Modification in Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition
Infidelity Scourged: Or, Christianity Vindicated. I. from the Scandalous Aspersions of Mr. Thomas Chubb, in His Four Late Dissertations
A Sermon at the Ordination of the Rev. Sir Harry Trelawny, to the Pastoral Office of the Church of Christ, in West Looe, Cornwall, Preached at Southampton, April 22, 1777
An Epitomy of Ecclesiastical History. Containing I. the Life and Death of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: II. the Lives of the Antient Fathers the Third Edition
A Defence of the Church of Scotland. Being Some Remarks, by Way of Query, on Three Sermons. the First Preached and Published by Mr. John Currie
Popcorn Monster
Salt and Light: 39 Original Poems
Mary, the Wise Kangaroo
The Minarets of Cairo: Islamic Architecture from the Arab Conquest to the End of the Ottoman Period
Nuclear Fission and Cluster Radioactivity: An Energy-Density Functional Approach
How To Conquer the Spirit of Competition: ESPECIALLY in Music Ministry
An Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Magdalen Charity. to Which Are Added, the Rev. Mr. Dodd's Sermon, Preached Before the President, Vice-Presidents, and Governors
Curious Amusements: Fitted for the Entertainment of the Ingenious of Both Sexes; Writ in Imitation of the Count de Roche Foucault, and Render'd Into English from the 15th. Edition Printed at Paris
An Address to the Right Worshipful the Batchelors of Great-Britain. Containing an Examination of the Several Articles of Impeachment, Lately Exhibited Against Them, by the Ladies. the Second Edition
The Appeal to the Public Answered, in Behalf of the Non-Episcopal Churches in America; Containing Remarks on What Dr. Thomas Bradbury Chandler Has Advanced, on the Four Following Points
A Speech Without-Doors, Addressed to the National Creditors for the Redeemables at 4 L. Per Cent
A Publick Spirit, as Express'd in Praying for the Peace and Seeking the Good of Jerusalem, Recommended to Rulers and People. a Sermon Preached Before His Excellency William Shirley
Storm and Cloud Dynamics: Volume 99
Chinati: The Vision of Donald Judd
Edwidge Danticat: A Reader's Guide
Remarks on the Bill for the Better Support and Maintenance of the Poor, Now Depending in the House of Commons. by William Belsham
The Engineer and the Scandal: A Piece of Science History
Handbook of Fractional-Horsepower Drives
Liver and Biliary Surgery: Handbooks in General Surgery
Social Construction of Gender Identity of Boys and Girls
Measuring U.S. Immigration
Cosmological Parameter Forecasts with Weak Gravitational Lensing
Glastonbury Through Time
A Travelling Dictionary: Or, Alphabetical Tables of the Distance of All the Principal Cities, Borough, in Great Britain, from Each Other. by Daniel Paterson Eighth Edition
The Practical Expositor: Or, an Exposition of the New Testament, in the Form of a Paraphrase; With Occasional Notes ... by John Guyse, D.D. the Third Edition. Volume 5 of 6
Preferred Movement Patterns in Cycling: It's the Skill That Makes the Sport
Wings Over Meir: The Story of the Potteries Aerodrome
A Travelling Dictionary: Or, Alphabetical Tables of the Distance of All the Principal Cities, Borough, in Great Britain, from Each Other. by Daniel Paterson Seventh Edition
Por Que Era Necesaria su Muerte?
Runtime Verification: First International Conference, RV 2010, St. Julians, Malta, November 1-4, 2010. Proceedings
Introduction to Applied Mathematics for Environmental Science
Testing Software and Systems: 22nd IFIP WG 6.1 International Conference, ICTSS 2010, Natal, Brazil, November 8-10, 2010, Proceedings
The Jedi Path (Vault Edition): A Manual for Students of the Force
Prevention and Management of Complications from Gynecologic Surgery, An Issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics
Around My French Table: More Than 300 Recipes from My Home to Yours
A Funeral Sermon, on Occasion of the Death of Mrs. Katherine Penny. Preach'd at Bradford in the County of Wilts, Febr. the 18th, An. Dom. 1710/11. by Thomas Barker.
Eyes in the Sky: Eisenhower, the CIA and Cold War Aerial Espionage
The Young Charles Darwin
Practical SQL Queries for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
Essentials of Online payment Security and Fraud Prevention
Walid Raad: Miraculous Beginnings
Sovereign of the Seas: The Seventeenth-Century Warship
Health is Wealth: Strategic Visions for European Healthcare at the Beginning of the 21st Century, Report of the European Parliament
Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits and Technologies
A Short State of the Case and Proceedings of the Company of Mine-Adventurers; With an Abstract of the Defence of the Deputy Governor and Directors: Justified by Vouchers. by Sir Humphrey Mackworth
A Rational Explication of St. John's Vision of the Two Beasts, in the XIIIth Chapter of the Revelation. Shewing That the Beginning, Power, and Duration of Popery Are Plainly Predicted in That Vision
The Necessity of Social Love and Charity. a Sermon, Preached on Sunday, August 5, 1770, in the Cathedral at York, ... by the Reverend Mr. Allanson.
An Essay on the Church Plain Chant: Part Second, Containing Several Anthems, Litanies, ... as They Are Sung in the Public Chapels at London. with Approbation.
An Essay Towards the Establishing the Fishery of Great Britain. ... by W. Saunders
The Nature and Necessity of Early Piety. a Sermon Preached to a Society of Young People, at Willingham, Cambridgeshire; On the First Day of the Year M, DCC.LXXII. the Second Edition
Benefits from a Prospective Bolivia - Us Trade Agreement
Dendrochronology and Environmental Change
The Havana Habit
Led Zeppelin: Coda
Assume Nothing
Heart of the Century: 1949 to 1951, Korea, the Shadow of a Third World War...and Everyday Life in the Daily Newspaper
Men, Ideas, and Politics
Yak Butter Blues: Una Caminata De Fe Por El Tibet
When Foxes Wore Red Vests
The Tarif Settled by the French King and Council, September 18, 1664. Shewing the Duties Agreed to Be Paid Upon the Several Sorts of Merchandizes, ... Which Should Be Imported from England Into France
A Collection of Papers, Concerning What Hath Been Transacted in the Convocation, Summon'd A.D. 1702. and Dissolv'd 1705
A New Argument Against Transubstantiation Adapted to the Romish Controversy, at Present Reviv'd. in a Letter to the Author of a Book, Entitl'd, Discourses of Religion the Second Edition
Straight from the Heart - A Healing Journey
Apexification and Apexogenesis
Cold Front: Conflict Ahead in Arctic Waters
Roland the U.S. Postal Service Truck
Illumination Independent Moving Object Detection in Image Sequences
Song of the Shepherd Boy
A Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Meeting of the Sons of the Clergy, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Thursday, May 12, 1785. by Thomas Jackson
The Whimsicans
Little Betsy Mae
The Gentleman's Farriery: Or, a Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Horses, Wherein the Best Writers on That Subject Have Been Consulted, and M. La Fosse's Method of Trepanning Glander'd Horses
Englands Interest: Or the Gentleman and Farmers Friend, Shewing, 1. How Land May Be Improv'd ... the Third Edition, with Large Additions. by Sir J. More.
The Practical Expositor: Or, an Exposition of the New Testament, in the Form of a Paraphrase; With Occasional Notes ... by John Guyse, D.D. the Third Edition. Volume 1 of 6
A Critical History of New Music in China
Computational Photonics
Anticipation: Containing the Substance of His My's Most Gracious Speech to Both HS of Plt, on the Opening of the Approaching Session the Fifth Edition, Corrected.
The Irish in the Atlantic World
Development of Nano-Ceramic Dispersed Cu-Based Metal Matrix Composites
Cardiac Fibrillation-defibrillation: Clinical And Engineering Aspects
Available Bandwidth Estimation
Dynamic Stochastic Optimization with Applications in Finance
Internal Stress of Thin Film
Strut and Tie Model for Beginners
A Funeral Sermon, Upon the Sudden and Much Lamented Death of Dr. Francis Upton; Who Died September 4th, 1711. Preached at Black-Fryars. by Samuel Wright
A Sermon Preached Before the ... Lords ... in the Abbey-Church, Westminster, on Monday, Jan. 30, 1748-9; ... by Zachary, Lord Bishop of Bangor
The Cure of Self-Conceit. a Sermon Preach'd at St. Martin's in Leicester on Sunday, May 13. 1705. ... by Sam. Carte, M.a
The Duty of God's People to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: And Especially for the Preservation and Continuance of Their Own Privileges Both Civil and Religious, When in Danger at Home or from Abroad
Handbook of Laboratory Health and Safety
Genocide and the Europeans
Multiple Sclerosis: Recovery of Function and Neurorehabilitation
Mahko's Knife
Identity and Participation in Culturally Diverse Societies: A Multidisciplinary Perspective
Cyprian and Roman Carthage
Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Classrooms: Key Issues for New Teachers
A Blueprint for Affective Computing: A sourcebook and manual
Service Parts Planning with mySAP SCM (TM): Processes, Structures, and Functions
The Painter's Dream
Institutions and Entrepreneurship
Islam's Quantum Question: Reconciling Muslim Tradition and Modern Science
International Intervention in Local Conflicts: Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution Since the Cold War
Stochastic Network Calculus
A Letter of Advice to All the Worthy and Ingenuous Merchants of the City of London, and Elsewhere in England, Shewing an Exact, Way to Know the Longitude of All Places in the World
The Certainty of the Gospel Being Sent to the Heathen, and the Danger of Refusing to Promote Its Progress. a Sermon, Preached Before the Dundee Missionary Society, Aug. 1. 1799. by John Jamieson,
Considerations in Relation to Trade Considered, and a Short View of Our Present Trade and Taxes, Compared with What These Taxes May Amount to After the Union, &c. Reviewed
Reflections and Considerations Occasioned by the Petition Presented to the Honourable House of Commons, for Taking Off the Drawback on Foreign Linens, &c
The Oracle of Avignon: Or a New and True Account of All the Great Actions and Most Remarkable Occurrences of the Life of the Pretender, Collected and Digested from Authentick Memoirs
Practical Measuring Made Easy to the Meanest Capacity, by a New Set of Tables; ... with a Preface; Shewing the Excellence of This New Method of Measuring, by E. Hoppus the Fifth Edition.
Severity of Obesity and Its Response to Slimming Techniques
The Gentleman's Stable Directory: Or, Modern System of Farriery. Comprehending All the Most Valuable Prescriptions and Approved Remedies the Eleventh Edition, with Very Considerable Additions.
The History and Antiquities of the Four Inns of Court; And of the Nine Inns of Chancery;also of Serjeant's Inn and Scroop's Inn
Marine Biomaterials
Experiments in Holism: Theory and Practice in Contemporary Anthropology
Roxolana in European Literature, History and Culture
Crib Death: Sudden Unexplained Death of Infants - The Pathologist's Viewpoint
Formal Models of Communicating Systems: Languages, Automata, and Monadic Second-Order Logic
Remarks on an Act of Parliament, Passed in the 15th Year of His Majesty's Reign, Intituled, an ACT for the Encouragement of the Fisheries Carried
Jaguar Nights 2011 Mayan-Aztec Calendar
International Review of Cell and Molecular Biology: Volume 284
Beginnings in Ritual Studies
A Sermon Preached Before the Honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's Westminster, on Thursday, January 30, 1755. ... by William Freind,
The Absurdity and Blasphemy of Substituting the Personal Righteousness of Men in the Room of the Surety Righteousness of Christ, in the Important Article of Justification Before God
Several Letters Which Passed Between Dr. George Hickes, and a Popish Priest, Upon Occasion of a Young Gentlewoman's Departing from the Church of England to That of Rome
Pragmatic Project Management: Five Scalable Steps to Project Success
The Practical Expositor: Or, an Exposition of the New Testament, in the Form of a Paraphrase; With Occasional Notes ... by John Guyse, D.D. the Third Edition. Volume 4 of 6
Study of Some Biomarkers of Cancer Breast
Jose Saramago: El Periodo Formativo
Asian Legal Revivals: Lawyers in the Shadow of Empire
The Genuine Fear of God the Best Foundation of Private and National Happiness. a Sermon Preached ... on Friday, Febr. 17. 1758. ... by James Snowdon, D.D.
A Sermon Preached Before the House of Lords, in the Abbey Church, Westminster, on Thursday, January 30, 1755. ... by William, Lord Bishop of Chichester.
A Sermon, Preached in the Parish Church of Chesham, Bucks; On Sunday Nov. 16, 1794. for the Encouragement and Support of Sunday Schools. by Thomas Grut,
Personal the Best Pledge of Public Reform. Addressed to Inferiors. in Which Their Duty to the Country Is Ascertained by the Care She Takes of Them. by a Clergyman in the Diocese of Canterbury
Some Remarks on a Pamphlet, Call'd, Reflections, on the Constitution and Management of the Trade to Africa.
A Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Meeting of the Sons of the Clergy, in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, on Thursday, May 16, 1782. by William Jones
The Death of Abel. in Five Books. Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner. the Tenth Edition.
Jake Jett: Adventures in Space
Bridge at the Enigma Club
Celebrating Saints and Seasons: Hundreds of Activities for Catholic Children
So You Want To Be A TV Presenter
Llyfr Gweddi Gyffredin, a Gweinidogaeth y Sacramentau, ... Yn Ol Arfer Eglwys Loegr; Ynghyd A'r Sallwyr Neu Salmau Dafydd, ...
An Address to the Right Worshipful the Mayor and Corporation, to the Wardens and Corporation of the Trinity-House, and to the Worthy Burgesses of the Town of Kingston-Upon-Hull. by David Hartley, Esq.
Considerations on Two Papers, Published at Antwerp, Respecting a Loan for 3,600,000 Guilders; To Be Subscribed at the Houses of Messieurs J. E. Werbrouck and C. J. M. de Wolf, of That City
Survival 52.5: Survival 52.5
The Death of Abel. in Five Books. Attempted from the German of M. Gessner.
Always Kiss the Corpse on Whidbey Island
Andy Williams - Christmas Collection: Original Keys for Singers
A Thames Moment
Buridan's Physics And/Or Experimental Method
Infinitesimal Rusting
Factors That Affect Self-Build Housing
E-Content: Technologies and Perspectives for the European Market
Mud and Mudstones: Introduction and Overview
Dreams and Dreaming: Volume 92
Treating Chronic Depression with Disciplined Personal Involvement: Cognitive Behavioral Analysis System of Psychotherapy (CBASP)
The Complete English Farmer, Or, a Practical System of Husbandry, Founded Upon Natural, Certain, and Obvious Principles: In Which Is Comprized, a Gene
Protein Structure Prediction and Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Information Technologies in Accounting and Auditing
Building Repair and Diagnosis Systems in Europe
The M'Naghten Rules Covered...
Sailing For Dummies
Hello, My Name Is Mallory ,: The Story of a Special Needs Kitten
Socialnsecurity: Confessions of a Social Security Judge
The Image of Jason in Early Greek Myth: An Examination of Iconographical and Literary Evidence of the Myth of Jason Up Until the End of the Fifth Century B.C.
Observations on MR Pitt's Plan, for the Reduction of the National Debt. by Charles Earl Stanhope,
A Report from the Commissioners Appointed to Take, Examine and State, the Publick Accompts of the Kingdom. and to Determine the Debts Due to the Army, &c. with a State of the Expence of the Late War
Fluid Mechanics: With Problems and Solutions, and an Aerodynamics Laboratory
Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces
Considerations on the Policy, Commerce and Circumstances of the Kingdom
Particular Answers to the Most Material Objections Made to the Proposal Humbly Presented to His Majesty, for Relieving, Reforming, and Employing All the Poor of Great Britain
An Essay on the Publick Debts of This Kingdom. Wherein the Importance of Discharging Them Is Considered; ... in a Letter to a Member of the House of Commons
Considerations on the Impolicy of Local Exemptions from the Payment of Excise Duties on the Distillation of Spirits in Scotland
The History of Inland Navigations, Particularly That of the Duke of Bridgwater. Illustrated with Geographical Plans, ... the Third Edition, with Additions
The Dissenting Gentleman's Second Letter to the Reverend Mr. White, in Answer to His Three Letters. in Which His Various Misrepresentations of the Dissenters Are Corrected
Extremism: The Complex Phenomenon
Open Source Software Foundation
The Whole Proceedings Upon an Information Exhibited Ex Officio by the King's Attorney-General, Against the Right Hon. Sackville Earl of Thanet, Robert Fergusson
The Geography of Children: Or, a Short and Easy Method of Teaching or Learning Geography. Divided Into Lessons, by Way of Question and Answer. with a Small Neat Map of the World Prefix'd
A Gender Perspective on Landmine Management in Kampuchea
Fractal Behaviour of the Earth System
Second Generation Wavelets and Applications
Triathlete Training and Injury Analysis
International Joint Ventures
Water Quality Assessment of the River Sitalakhya in Bangladesh
The Cat That Took A Ride
Monster Mystery: Where Are My Socks?
Substance of the Report Delivered by the Court of Directors of the Sierra Leone Company, to the General Court of Proprietors, on Thursday the 27th March, 1794
The Proceeding of the Honourable House of Commons of Ireland, in Rejecting the Altered Money-Bill, on December 17, 1753, Vindicated by Authorities Taken from the Law and Usage of Parliament.
Recueil de Pieces Concernant Les Affaires Presentes Du Clerge de France, Avec Des Remarques Preliminaires Sur Chacune.
A Complete View of the British Customs. Part the Second. Containing Ample Instructions for the Entering, Examining, and Delivering of Goods and Merchandizes Imported Into Great Britain.
The New Whole Duty of Man, Containing the Faith as Well as Practice of a Christian: Made Easy for the Practice of the Present Age,
A Determination of the Average Depression of the Price of Wheat in War, Below That of the Preceding Peace; And of Its Readvance in the Following; ... by J. Brand,
A Collection of Papers, Relating to a Scheme, Laid Before the Trustees of the Linen Manufacture. for the More Effectual Reformation of Lappers. by Robert Ross, Junior, Esq
Aristotle's Last Legacy, Unfolding the Mystery of Nature in the Generation of Man: Treating I. of Virginity, ... IX. Excellent Remedies Against All Diseases Incident to Virgins and Child-Bearing Women
Simulation Studies
Flows of Some Non-Newtonian Fluids on Moving Surfaces
The 10-Second Diet: A Technique You Can Master in Less Time Than It Takes to Read the Cover of the Book
Cuentos Bilingues Para Ninos
Naja's Lemonade Stand
A Dragon Named Beacon Sid
Figures of Speech: A Handy Guide
Tanua the Princess
The Big Blue Bus
Categories for Software Engineering
Interacting Stochastic Systems
Vector Analysis for Computer Graphics
How to gain gain: A Reference Book on Triodes in Audio Pre-Amps
Global Aspects of Complex Geometry
Measure and Integration: An Advanced Course in Basic Procedures and Applications
Comorbidities in Developmental Disorders
Nutritional Assessment of Athletes
Supply Chain Management Systems
Fear God, Honour the King. a Sermon, Preached at Banbury, on Sunday the 16th, of December, 1792. by John Lambert,
Copy of a Letter from a Gentleman in Edinburgh, to His Friend in the Country, Upon the Subject of the Malt Tax
The Duty of the Christian Minister Recommended in a Charge; And Christ's Compassion on the Multitude Considered in a Sermon, Delivered at the Ordination of the Rev. Samuel Evans, December 27th. 1780
Wednesday Club-Law: Or, the Injustice, Dishonour and Ill Policy of Breaking Into Parliamentary Contracts for Publick Debts
A Political Account of the Diminutions of the Revenues and Trade of France by Taxes and Subsidies. Deduc'd from the Year 1660, to 1699. Writ Originally by an Officer of the Finances,
The Rules of Work, of the Carpenters, in the Town of Boston. Formed, and Most Accurately Corrected, by a Large Number of the First Workmen of the Town. Published Agreeably to Act of Congress
Evangelical Ministers Described, and Distinguished from Legalists. a Sermon, the Substance of Which Was Delivered October 30. 1771.
An Address to the Catholic Clergy of England, by Their Brethren of the County of Stafford
A Call to Christians to Search Themselves; Or, a Warning to England; ... Being a Sermon Delivered at Watford, in the County of Hertford, the 17th of February, 1748. ... by James Fall.
Classics for Solo Singers: 12 Masterwork Solos for Recitals, Concerts, and Contests (Medium High Voice)
Personal Record: A Love Affair with Running
An Epistle to W. S. Esq; Containing Some Political Remarks on His Speech in the House of Commons, Against Sir R. W.'s Proposal for Increasing the Civil List Revenue. ... by a Member of Parliament
Cover Me: A Health Insurance Memoir
New Horizons in Sport for Athletes with a Disability, Vol. 1
Science and Skiing III
A Letter to Mr. Law, Upon His Arrival in Great Britain.
A Sermon Preached at the Anniversary Meeting of Natives of the County of Wilts, in St. Augustine's Church Bristol, August VIII. M.DCC.LXXVI. by Matthew Frampton, ...
The Two Trials of John Fries, on an Indictment for Treason; Together with a Brief Report of the Trials of Several Other Persons, for Treason and Insurrection, in the Counties of Bucks
A Representation of Facts Relative to the Rise and Progress of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain. with Observations on the Means of Extending and Improving This Valuable Branch of Trade,
A Sermon Preach'd the 27th of November, 1713. in Commemoration of the Great and Dreadful Storm in November, 1703. ... by Benjamin Stinton. the Third Edition
The Reformed Pastor; A Discourse on the Pastoral Office. Designed Principally to Explain and Recommend the Duty of Personal Instruction and Catechising. to Which Is Added an Appendix
The Rational Farmer, and Practical Husbandman. Containing, Remarks on the Principles of Vegetation, Calculated for the Benefit and Advantage of Gentlemen of Estates, as Well as Farmers
Converting Old Buildings into New Homes
A Dialogue Betwixt a Protestant Minister and a Romish Priest. Wherein Is Shew'd, That the Church of Rome Is Not the Only True Church; ... by the Author of the Husbandman's Manual
Marketing Tourism Products: A Study of Himachal Pradesh
Neural Networks: Fnn Training Algorithms
Pmma/Cnt Composites
Analyzing and Understanding Genetic Problems
A Christian Library. Consisting of Extracts from and Abridgments of the Choicest Pieces of Practical Divinity, Which Have Been Publish'd in the English Tongue. Volume 34 of 50
An Illustration and Mensuration of Solid Geometry; In Seven Books: Containing Forty-Two Moveable Copper-Plate Schemes for Forming the Various Kinds of Solids, and Their Sections
Market Potential and the Home Market Effect
Biomechanical Comparison of Inline Skates
The Korean Business System
How Does the Brain Make Decisions During Perception of Motion?

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